Hi & congrats on taking the first step towards telling your story in a way that will surely be fun, authentic & stunning beyond your wildest dreams.
— JD

My favorite thing is working with people who are passionate, inspired, down to earth and willing to go beyond the status quo to get meaningful and engaging images.  Whether that's getting super creative on a theme, hiking deep into the wilderness, waking up for sunrise, getting a little wet or dirty, the best pictures are made when the subject (you) & the artist (me) have a common vision all while being flexible to possibilities that go beyond logic or foresight.

Sound like you? Wanna do this?! 

Lets have a chat with regards to your vision, needs & budget.  You can reach me personally at 647-228-2882.

Talking over the phone and/or meeting in person are always my favorite but if it's more convenient for you, please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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