Just had our wedding April 23/2016.... Currently, on our honeymoon, but had to post about what a wonderful experience we had with Jeremie as our photographer (which we already knew because of how our awesome engagement shoot photos turned out)...He’s hard working, creative and understood the style of pictures we wanted. He went above and beyond our expectations- taking time to capture all details of our day - big and small, candid and special moments.... To anyone looking for a talented, professional, fun..( & not to mention camera-swinging vigilante haha) photographer who is so easy-going and eager to please, don’t hesitate to go with Jeremie Dupont Photography!
Thank you Jeremie!!!!
— Xoxo Priscilla & Andrew
Saying Jeremie Dupont is an amazing photographer doesn’t do him justice, he’s more than that! First of all, Jeremie isn’t just our photographer, he became our friend. Before booking, Jeremie wanted to meet us for coffee to get to know us but honestly, I didn’t need to meet him, just by looking at his portfolio I would have booked him. Right from the start, he wanted to get to know us and took the time to connect. When discussing our budget and needs, he was so kind, attentive and understanding. He answered every question and every concern. Second of all, my fiancé was hesitant to take engagement pictures because he felt uncomfortable but, after his experience with Jeremie, he told me he had an amazing time and he loved spending the day with me. Jeremie arrived at Guelph before we did to scope great picture locations which made our time together so effective. He played music, told us to just have fun and encouraged our playfulness. Also, he was patient and so flexible with our outfit changes and two locations. Finally, after only waiting two weeks, we received a sneak peak of our pictures and let me tell you, I was blown away (my mom cried!). I posted two pictures on social media and I was flooded with the most amazing complements. The pictures turned out even better than I had imagined and I’ll treasure them forever! I can’t wait for Jeremie to shoot our wedding because he will capture our day so flawlessly and through his lens, he will be able to showcase the love we have for each other.
— Muriel & Danny
Jeremie blew us away with our engagement shoot. He told our story in a very sweet and sincere way, and we really appreciate how he finds beauty in every moment. We’ve received nothing but compliments and positive feedback from our friends and loved ones. Many people have told us that they’re the best engagement photos they’ve ever seen! Truly, he has a special gift at capturing images. Moreover, Jeremie is easygoing and made us feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. He’s nothing but good vibes and that’s exactly why we chose him to be our wedding photographer.
— Charlotte & Julien
We are so happy with the family photos that Jeremie took at our home. He worked with the light and setting to give us the most natural and beautiful images we have ever had. What a memorable experience….and what a great photographer!
— Fazila, Engineer & Lawyer
It was an absolute blast and pleasure working with Jeremie! He’s willing to take risky adventures if it means capturing the perfect shot and has an incredible eye for unique beauty. I’m extremely thrilled with the results of our photoshoot and the website he designed for me at www.janeybrownlifestyle.com (check it out- so bad*ss!!!) and am blown away by the creations he continues to develop with others.

I highly recommend booking with Jeremie now because before we know it there will be a year long waiting list!!!
— Janey, Singer-Songwriter + Joga Master
I’m anxiously awaiting our wedding photos as the experience with Jeremie so far has been unbelievable. He has taken every idea I’ve had in my head and exceeded my expectations when it came to our engagement photos. We had a blast and his positive outlook made working with him fun, exciting and I think that shows in our photos. Love his work!!
— April & Jason
Working with Jeremie as our wedding photographer has been an amazing experience. Since our first contact, Jeremie has been open, responsive, attentive to our needs and questions, and incredibly friendly and easy going. His creativity and passion shine through in every stage - whether it is coming up with ideas of photo shoot locations and themes, taking the time to get the perfect shot, or helping us select the perfect finishing touches. We recently had our engagement shoot with him and we had such an awesome time. He instantly made us feel at ease, and during our time together it felt like we were hanging out with a friend, despite this being the first time we had met in person.

Jeremie genuinely took the time to get to know us and understand who we are as a couple. He did an incredible job of capturing our story through his photography, making sure we got everything we wanted, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. His incredible talent has left us with beautiful pieces of art that we love and can’t wait to share with our friends and family.

We are so excited to work with Jeremie again on our wedding day. I couldn’t think of a better person to be with us on such an important day to beautifully capture the memories that we will cherish forever.
— Lisa Davies
Jeremie is a fantastic photographer. I have worked with four photographers at this point for various projects pertaining to my business to get shots done for websites etc., and Jeremie by far has been my favourite photographer to work with and delivered the best results. He really met the intention and the feel of the shots I wanted - in this case professional yet fun, personable, bright and inviting. He has a knack for the artistry of photography and despite the fact that we were on a great set I’m convinced he could photograph anywhere and make it look absolutely stunning. His timely turn-around and delivery of the shots was well-appreciated for a new website I had to execute quickly. He also provided great direction which works well for me as I never know what to do when being photographed. He made me feel very comfortable and his passion for photography is very obvious given his attention to detail on the set and the way the pictures turned out. Highly recommend.
— Erica, Naturopathic Doctor & Entrepreneur
Jeremie has demonstrated that he is passionate in everything I have ever known him to do. He is focussed and comfortable behind the camera, and makes the people and places he shoots shine authentically. He is constantly challenging himself to new heights and inspires others to do the same. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with in the past, and seeing his new images has me excited to work with him again in the future.
— Jaimee, Yoga Instructor
Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but our annual family Christmas photo shoot wasn’t so merry….until we found Jeremie. My brother and I have been gathering our families for holiday photos for the past nine years – ever since our kids were babies – and it has always been a struggle. This year, thanks to Jeremie, everything went well. Not only does Jeremie take wonderful photographs, he also has a fabulous personality that makes him fun to work with – the perfect combination! After years of trying we have finally found the right photographer. We are already looking forward to next year!
— Lee Anne, Senior Manager
My experience with Jeremie was beyond my expectations. Jeremie has a natural talent to get to know exactly what you are looking for out of your photographs. Jeremie brought out my personality in the photographs and was able to have fun and make me feel completely comfortable. Jeremie’s passion and fun personality make him a pleasure to work with.
— Sylvie, Holistic Nutritionist
Our experience with Jer was nothing short of amazing. What other photographer would endure a 4-hour commute to the shoot-site, a late night hike under the stars, setting up tents in the dark, sleeping in sub-zero temperatures, and waking in the wee-hours of the morning to hike even further into the woods... all to capture the true essence of our relationship with each other, and the great outdoors. Jeremie sought our input from from the start, worked with us to create a shared vision for the shoot, and brought it all together while working with- and adapting to- the changing elements of the environment. The shoot felt very natural and comfortable, and he even managed to make us look good after a night in the bush! The photos and their story will be cherished for many years to come. We are so fortunate to have worked with such a passionate, energetic, and talented photographer. HIGHLY recommend! Thank you, Jer!
— Kaley Veerman, Physiotherapist