Hi I’m Jeremie,

Husband to Doctor Jessica, father to angel boy Benjamin, fur dad to Maple & raconteur (storyteller) of human connection.

I have a lot to be thankful for & approach each day with a feeling of gratitude, sense of adventure & joie de vivre.

I was born in Canada, a country of freedom & endless beauty, raised on nourishing plant-based food by two incredible parents who followed their greatest passions to be become impactful entrepreneurs, was blessed with athletic abilities which allowed me to play hockey well enough to have my education paid for, married my perfect match in Jess & most recently experienced the life-altering birth of our son Benjamin!

My regal Rhodesian Ridgeback Maple first inspired me to invest in a camera system as I simply wanted to capture her beauty along with doing justice to all the places I was exploring that summer, such as the rugged shores of Eastern Canada, blazing streets of Rome, & otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. 

At that time in my life, I was content enough but starting to feel like I had more to offer. I was asking myself difficult questions about what my heart was drawn to, how I wanted to spend my precious days & what I was put on this earth to do.  I took time to be still, did my best to open to all possibilities & trusted that if I kept moving forward doing things I enjoyed, the path would become clear to me.

The answer came to me at the foot of a waterfall in Iceland where I stumbled on a recently married couple being photographed & it hit me like a lightning bolt. 

I love people…I love photography…I love adventure…” I could clearly see how these passions could combine into a career.

Since then, my sense of purpose has been reinforced by 25-30 to couples a year who trust me to capture their most precious days, local & abroad, large & intimate, traditional & unconventional.  Clients have become friends, and our relationships often continue to unfold when they ask me to document their growing families.

I’ve been told that my energy, encouragement & easygoing nature throughout the entire process, along with my dedication to finding the best locations & willingness to chase amazing light leads to photos which feel natural, adventurous & striking.

What helps me the most in my craft is taking the time get to know my couples before I even press the shutter. With that comes a foundation of trust, confidence & calm and results in truly authentic photos.

Ultimately, I believe clients & photographers are meant for each other & if you’re reading this, perhaps we’re destined to work together.

Feel free to connect via e-mail, phone or text to arrange a meeting and let’s take however long it takes to get to know one another. I’m happy to answer your questions & contribute to unfolding your vision so that we can create beautiful images together.

Big Hug,