Jeremie Dupont is a passionate world explorer who finds pleasure and creative expression in not one, by many forms of photography.  Relunctant to be labelled as this or that, he's constantly challenging himself with new situations and is on a path of continual learning.

Whether it's shooting yoga on rooftops, hanging out of his sunroof shooting bear cubs in National Parks or camping out alone in remote areas to get that special shot, Jeremie brings a truly genuine enthusiasm, attention to detail and vision beyond his years.

When collaborating with clients, he prides himself on his professionalism, quick delivery times, extreme work ethic, positive attitude and ability to connect with his subject by creating a fun environment that allows their true nature to come through in the final product.

His guiding principles are simple:

  • Love what you do
  • Show up each day
  • Feel Gratitude
  • Go the extra mile to achieve something unique
  • Never stop learning
  • Be prepared yet open to spontaneity
  • Envision what you want to create
  • Treat everyone & everything with love and respect
  • Have the best possible equipment to ensure utmost quality in his work.