Falling In Love with Family Photography

Dear Families, How I Adore Working with You:

The recent Family Day Holiday here in Canada has me reminiscing on all the wonderful families I've had the pleasure of working with over the past 6 months.  Knowing I'm pursuing photography full time & my passion for people/the outdoors, moms (mostly) who were looking for portraits of their loved ones outside of the normal indoor studio setting approached me to capture their beautiful members & unique bond they share.

Like I do with all my beloved couples beforehand, we talked about what's important to them, the final use of the images (so I know which orientation/style to shoot in most) & what they'd like the feeling to be from the final prints. 

The sessions have ranged from specific photos, with specific color palette, for a specific room (such as the one below) to small adventures in good light to get some cherished memories together such as documenting the growing kids or including an older dog nearing the end of it's beautiful life.

Philosophy & Praise:

We keep things quick, authentic & fun. I place families in the best possible light & setting, allowing their natural behaviors to shine through while giving gentle guidance as needed.  I'd rather not mention the weird sounds I make to get dogs attention but I'll admit those happen too.

Thus far everyone has loved the final photos but more importantly their overall experience:

We are so happy with the family photos that Jeremie took outside our home. He worked with the light and setting to give us the most natural and beautiful images we have ever had. What a memorable experience…and what a great photographer!
— Fazila, Engineer & Lawyer
Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but our annual family Christmas photo shoot wasn’t so merry….until we found Jeremie. My brother and I have been gathering our families for holiday photos for the past nine years – ever since our kids were babies – and it has always been a struggle. This year, thanks to Jeremie, everything went well. Not only does Jeremie take wonderful photographs, he also has a fabulous personality that makes him fun to work with – the perfect combination! After years of trying we have finally found the right photographer. We are already looking forward to next year!
— Lee Anne, Senior Manager

Looking Forward:

After being so fortunate to have been approached by such supportive people, open to my ideas & experimentation it’s exciting to announce that I’ll be actively seeking out wonderful families to work with as spring & summer approach on top of my wedding & engagement work.

Please enjoy the photos below & if you could envision your gang in a nearby field, forest or beach having fun, interacting together, making beautiful images, let's dream up an authentic & memorable shoot!

PS I'll even take some portraits of the pups & everyone individually so nobody is left behind.

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- J